Solent Videos

Welcome to Solent Videos

Solent Videos is a Hampshire based videography company who specialise in wedding and corporate videos. We really believe in the importance of using video as a way of communicating and preserving moments in time.

Wedding Videography by Solent Videos


So much time and money gets put into weddings, wouldn't it be a shame if your children never saw it? By having a wedding video you will be able to share your special day with generations to come.

Corporate Videography by Solent Videos


One of the most powerful ways in today's age to get your business known to the world is video, through the internet videos can help spread your company to millions.

Event Videography by Solent Videos


We record any event of any size. If you have a training day recorded you can send it to anyone who's unable to attend and it can also be a used as a great reference for everyone at the event.

Find out how Solent videos can capture your memories